The use of ict in worshiping God

One day while leading a bible study I noted that a young brother had his phone in hand so my conclusion was he was playing whilst am teaching and needing his attention. I was humbled when I asked someone to read a scripture and the young brother read from his phone. Then I quickly realised that I also use my phone in church to write notes and read the bible. We need to change our minds as technology is quickly changing. We now have e-fellowship.

Its time we change our minds and cope up and use ict for the growth of the church.

I have talked to some brethren who think of the internet is evil. All I can say is it’s primarily not evil but it can be, just depends on circumstances.

Talking of ict use in the church do not be offended when you see brothers and sisters singing from their phones because the shona hymn book is now online and I will start using it in church intact last night I sang from it. The shona hymbook is a project being done by brother Tafadzwa Tarumbwa, he has more ideas coming what excites me is the possibility of having an app some time in the future . Well done brother.

What do you think of hymnbhuku and the use of ict in the church.


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