Men’s Lectureship 2013: Live blog

Updates have moved here
We had gone for lunch, it’s now a full team. Brothers Bruce and Baynham goredema have arrived. More photos coming soon.

From discussion topic 2:
In old times the subject of homosexuality were never even talked abt, but now the country is threatened by super powers 2 accept that. So we should prepare against that zvisati zvabvumidzwa coz zvichatinetsa as a people & as a church

Brother Gwazaza now preaching on the subject; that they may all be made perfect in one (John 17:23). +++++it’s important to be united

A model man stands, stands for truth. Stands on principles like Joshua(Joshua 2415). Brother Suwari has finished his sermon.

A model man will not get into politics as it promotes division in the church especially in Zimbabwe where we have political polarisation.

#A model man does not beat his wife.
#we need be models in our communities

Brother Suwari preaching

We have just had a small break, it’s now time for second sermon: the model man in God’s pattern by brother Suwari Howard.

Just like Noah, we ought to follow God’s pattern. We are victorious not according to this world’s standards. Lesson 1 finished.

Brother Chimedza now speaking. Brother madondo interpreting

Singing iva gamba. Wonderful singing. Upcoming sermon by brother Chimedza who will introduce the theme.

We just finishing having breakfast.



I missed my update, just meeting brothers. Breakfast is ready.

We are also tweeting @vhangerioftruth also find us on Facebook: vhangeri of truth

Devotions have started. 0500 to 0600. We are now ready for the s day. Some are still asleep everything is in order. Brother Chimedza will be introducing the theme at 0830. The theme is: victorious man according to the pattern of God(EXODUS 20:30 & genesis 6:15).

####Day 2 August 30,2013####

First sermon comes to an end. It’s time to meet brothers and fellowship. We will be back tomorrow morning.with detailed
Coverage. Bruce and Baynham goredema will be here, feel free to give us feedback.

20:10 Change of sermon : Behold the man: by Bro Farai Denga from Bulawayo is on. We apologise for the change.

Just in time for the evening service. Thank you God. It’s happening.

I have just got an update first lesson is about to start. I could hear singing in the backgroun. I can’t wait am just 30 minutes from Nhowe

Meal time is always special and its now certain I am going to miss supper. Brother Ushe is now enjoying his meal. Registration is going on well everything is set. Am now heading towards Macheke. My next update will come just before the evening sermon.

Just outside Marondera, I can confirm registration is going on smothly from our man on the ground: Ushe

Brother Ushe has just arrived and is now registering. First sermon is on 19:15 to 20:00 titled The model man in God’s pattern, brother Howard Suwari will be preaching. From now on will be giving you updates every 30 minutes

It’s here, been a long wait. I am just leaving Harare so get ready for updates. Brother Ushe is now past Marondera. Brother Baynham Goredema is on his way from South Africa. Am now trying locate brother Goredema Bruce. That’s the team that will bring live updates.

27, August
It’s only one day to go

August 23
4 days to go

August 24
5 days to go.

It’s that time of the year again when we go for the men’s lectureship. This year it’s going to be held at Nhowe mission from 29 August to 1 September 2013.

Join me and my team as we bring you the lectureship. Bookmark this post so that you will be able to follow live.


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