Men’s lectureship 2013: Live blog 30 August

Good night brothers and sisters, we are back tomorrow with more details . Enjoy the night.


Brother Gwini is warning men against taking other men’s wives.because we won’t be victorious, according to God’s pattern.

We are taking videos but due to technical challenges we unable to upload immediately, we will certainly upload after the gospel meeting.


Brother gwini is now on the pulpit he is preaching on the subject: you are a dead man (genesis 20:2-8)

Brother Jana during the sermon

Brother Jana has just finished he warned men against having “small houses” (mistresses)

*People need see Christ in us all the time as Christ is our model. He gave Job as an example of a man who had high moral values so we should as well.
*men should lead all the way and preserve the Church


Victorious man and moral responsibility, is the title of the sermon by brother Jana
Text is from Job 1:1


First sermon after lunch it’s now over: lets trust God for guidance and wisdom. We need not trust in ourselves and what we have.

Brother Rungano is now preaching on the subject: Realising the power within Him (2 Kings 6:13 to 18)

continued from this post


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