Men’s lectureship 2013: Live blog 31 August

Brother Nyahada is now preaching on the topic: survival strategies in view of the economic hardships.

Sorry for the silence, after lunch we got busy with sports. Will update you fully on sports later on.


We are about to go for lunch now

Doctor Nyatanga is mainly focusing on hiv and aids. After a short presentation we will discuss the subject.

stay with us, we had gone for a break we had not left you at all. Healthy and moral responsibility is the next subject by Dr Nyatanga

To be victorius men, we need run away from sin as joseph, rise up when we fall. Joseph ran away from sin so we also can do the same.joseph was even promoted in Jail. Joseph was a victorious man and we also can do it and go all the way to build a victorious church.

We need to be selfless if we are to be victorious men

Brother Muza is now preaching on the subject: victorious man build victorious Church.


We had a great time apart from the sermons: we had a great time at supper time as we had braai. We also going to have a braai this afternoon. We had like thank the team at the kitchen and dinning hall for a job well done. We looking forward to the braai in the afternoon. We are having a wonderfull feloowship here at Nhowe mission. I will be posting photos as soon as i meet our photographer. We had like to thank the organisers for smooth flow so far.

There will be sports in the afternoon as well. Stay with us untill tomorow.

First sermon is over now, some wonderful singing by man right now


He is oftenly refering to growth and we need take note. He is also saying that we need have a plan for spiritual growth

Concluding remarks: learning is hard but we need realise we will better after learning #betterchristians


We need to serve not to be served.if we expect to be served then we wont grow. As Jesus served so we should also serve others. Men have also been warned against being worldly as this affects our spirituality in a big way. * help others *always praying *we need serve for christs sake. We need be spiritualy minded not fleshly.

What a great encouragement



Brother jones from usa is now preaching on the topic: habits of christian man. We need read scriptures so that we are well equiped for all. The main scripture is 2 Peter 1:5. True sprituality comes from knowledge of scripture.

Good morning brothers and sisters welcome To our live blog we are now giving updates of day 3.


2 thoughts on “Men’s lectureship 2013: Live blog 31 August

  1. Thank u so much Bro Nyasha Mpaso and crew for the live update on the Men’s Lectureship. Even though i failed to attend, i felt uplifted and judging from the calibre of the selected speakers and the topics, i could feel how much i missed out. God bless u.

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