Men’s lectureship: Live blog, 1 September 2013

The gospel meeting has come to an end and so does the live updates. Thank you for the support. The blog continues with it’s mission.

Thank you brothers and sisters for following our live updates. More updates will be made as we go, look out for more on the gospel meeting.

Some great singing going on, what a wonderful singing. The service is almost over. After the service it’s lunch time and and then depart.

Now taking bread

Brother Whenjere is now preaching on the Lord’s supper.

Sermon over, now time for the Lord’s supper.


Brother horera is now presenting the last sermon of the fellowship, titled: More than conquerors (Romans 837-39).
*be a winner

With God we can

Good morning brothers and sisters, we are now going to be giving you updates for the last day. We enjoyed everything here, we hope the updates gave you an idea of what is happening here. We will continue updating you all day as we travel back home.


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