Upcoming lectureships in Zimbabwe

For those who may wish and are interested to attend upcoming gospel meetings on the Church calendar please find below the following for your information and diarising.

CHINYAMANHANZVA GOSPEL MEETING DATE: 27 – 29 SEPTEMBER 2013 VENUE: CHINYAMANHANZVA CHURCH OF CHRIST, Chinyamanhanzva is about 20 kilometres from mutare along the mutare chipinge highway.

MASHONALAND CENTRAL (MAZOE VALLEY GOSPEL MEETING) DATE: 4 – 6 October 2013 VENUE: Glendale Church of Christ CONTACT: 0772 737 515

NYANGA GOSPEL MEETING DATE: 18 – 20 October 2013 VENUE: Nyatate Church of Christ CONTACT: Mutonhora (0772 897 598)

GREATER HARARE ANNUAL GOSPEL MEETING DATE: 13 – 15 DECEMBER 2013 VENUE: Highfield Church of Christ CONTACT: 0772 165 370 / 0772 898 283

I encourage you all to attend at least one. I would like to thank brother Bruce Goredema for compiling this information.


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