Zimbabwe churches of christ national men’s lectureship 2014: preview

Hi It’s that time of the year again when we fellowship as men and mould each other to be good leaders. I will be giving you live updates from nhowe mission as I did last year.

But before I do that let’s just do a preview as we prepare for this annual event.

I received the programme yesterday and I will be uploading as soon as I get permission from organisers .This is a great improvement from last year as I got the programme on the day the fellowship started. Looking at the programme is certainly a great improvement from last year.

Make sure to keep checking for updates as I do a preview on this post.

23 August
The programme is not “loaded” as last year. There is room for and a good number of small classes and discussions. Organisers are on their way to nhowe right now to put things in order.

Organisers are responsive to my queries on progress and programme as compared to last year when I got programme on arrival, this also shows a high level of organisation.

I will update you on the programme latter in the day

26 Aug

Sorry the programme did not come as said due to minor changes that have to be made,

2 days to go

This year’s coverage will be extensive as I will be doing podcasts via my whatsapp group (request to join +263734364749), follow me on Twitter @vhangerioftruth and make sure to check for live updates on this blog.


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