Nhowe Men’s fellowship 2014-day 3: live blog

I have had network challenges since yesterday,  my sincere apologies I will try by all means to give you updates of everything that happened yesterday.

We need show interest, love in the church and show concern for saints and the lost and the church will grow


Brother Hailey Milan genius had finished his lesson on: the ultimate message of men (ecclesiastes 12;13-14)

I will give you the full update as I could not this time due to power challenges, I am sorry for going quite as I had a network challenge, I am back hopefully I won’t be interrupted again.

It’s not looking good as far as network is concerned, the fellowship is going on well. We are now on break and the next lesson is on church growth by brother Siziba.

Am back online now, so expect more from now. We are now going for group discussions on church growth

We have three groups and I am in group 2 where brother manyati is coordinating discussions. Brother manyati is from bindura

Groups now making presentations on their discussions

Brother nyahada (chief makoni) is chairing this session. Here are some points from group 1 and 3

-we need not assume that members know everything, so we should teach well and have different groups.

– hypocrisy is killing the church, men must live their sermons so that others follow our example

We are now about to go for lunch so I will be quite for the next hour, however after lunch there will be sports, I won’t be doing any sports, so I will give updates of other things that I didn’t cover yesterday and today.

It’s now sports time, am going to watch soccer

I have uploaded photos on our Facebook page


Final match is going tomorrow penalt shootouts nhowe vs Saturday after a nil all draw

Nhowe 4—0 sakubva

We have finished having supper now going for financial reports, we have almost come to the end


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