Greater Harare Sunday Fellowship: Mistress Mine Church of Christ

This months sunday fellowship will be in mistress mine, I hope these details will help you.

Date: 05 July 2015
Time: 9:30am
Venue: Mistress Mine Church of Christ.

Directions: From 4th Street rank town board Domboshava kombis, drop off 2km  after Hatcliffe, at Glen Forest also called Panijo, then take the dust road along the Syprusses trees along the durawall, they are 8km to Mistress Mine.
When you drop off they will be transport just for 5 rand from Glen Forest to the venue and ushers will be there.

When driving from town: Get into Domboshava Road and turn left at Glen Forest turn off the dust road along syprusses trees along Durawall and drive 8km straight from that point, sign post directing will be along the way.

Mistress Mine Church of Christ welcomes you. Come and be refreshed with the Word of God.


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