Today’s Sermon: Revive us Lord Psalm 85:1-13

Brother Musekiwa sets the tone for our new theme by delivering the message that left us in mood for revival. The day started with my opening remarks on the series but it was the sermon that has now set us well on track. he did not try to hide truth neither did he mince his words, I thank God for such boldness to call a spade a spade.

Sermon came from Psalm 85: 1-13

One of the point he hammered home are.

– Revival only come from God, no one can revive self. Our only role being to humble ourselves and pray asking for forgiveness and guidance.

– it impossible to revive a dead thing. so don’t allow self to deteriorate to the point of death. We need to repent while there is still hope for life.

He also touched on the Ephesus church Rev 2:1-7. The most scary part being verse 5 where Christ hints of death for a congregation, its so true if we don’t repent we die

I look forward to more sermons on this theme.




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