365 days against rape in Zimbabwe

Join me for the next year (today is third day of my campaign) .  During this campaign I will look at many factors  concerning this Challenge.  Following are questions and areas I will be zooming in on.

– Our  culture and rape.
– rape in the church.
– rape in politics.
– the law and rape.
– is there enough education on rape?
– counselling and support for victims of rape.
– is the police and courts doing enough to reduce prevalence rate?
– are parents doing enough to educate children?

These are just a few of the many topics I will look at.  If you have more ideas lets interact using the hash tag #endrapeinzim on most social media.  My twitter handle is @vhangerioftruth.

As a preacher of the word my focus will lean more on the church as rape is also prevalent in churches and the church has  not done enough worse the church has obstructed justice in many cases.

Brace up up for this,  my aim  is to get people talking and through conversations solutions to this scourge will be expected to follow.


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