The righteous shall live by faith

A lady who sells at musika (market) and earns less than $10 per day and stays with many other tenants is said to be a witch. Lets call this lady Nancy.

The story is the owner of the house calls a “prophet”  to help him on challenges at his house.  The “prophet”  advises that Nancy is bewitching everyone and taking money supernaturallly from everyone. Another tenant (lets call her Susan) decides to leave to run away from the “witch”.

My wife asks Susan how much she lost personally and she stammers. Another point to note is Nancy is struggling to make ends meet.

Today’s nugget of truth is don’t base your life on  speculation,  base it on truth. For we learn from the word (Hebrews 10:38) that the just shall live by faith. We also know faith comes by hearing God’s word (the bible).

Use your logic in this short story that happened in Harare,  Zimbabwe and put your comments below.


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